Lough Cuan Bowmen - Classes for Beginners

Classes for Beginners who may be thinking of or who want to take up the Sport as well as for those who just want to learn a bit more. To book a course phone the hosting leisure centre, contact details of which can be found via the events links opposite.


Welcome to Ards Borough Council's course for beginners in conjunction with Lough Cuan Bowmen.  Your course will last for 6 weeks during which time we will instruct you on Health & Safety, some etiquette associated with archery, perhaps a little bit of history, different types of archery and…of yes… how to shoot a bow to a basic standard. 

Coach: John Kenny, Arthur Halligey,

Health & Safety: Wear suitable footwear, no loose clothing, open jackets, pockets, badges, jewelry or facial ornaments that may foul bow strings. Tie back long hair.
Medical: Any physical, learning or medical condition that may affect the candidate ability in archery sessions should be declared so that the coach can make necessary adjustments to his programme. Any information will be treated in the strictest confidence.


A brief outline of your 6 weeks 

WEEK 1 Introductions.

Aims & Objectives Health & Safety. Zones -Waiting, Equipment, Shooting, Range. Equipment: Parts of Bow and Arrow, Bracer, Tab. Chest Guard, Quiver. Observe experienced archer followed by individual instruction. Shoot at 5m using a blank boss. Check for right/left handedness and eye dominance. 

WEEK 2 Shoot Sequencing

Shooting from 10m demonstrating the sequence of shooting is 

Posture. Aiming with the body. Draw Force Line (DFL). Muscle Groups. Introduce 40cm 10-zone target.

WEEK 3 Aiming

Shoot at 10m demonstrating Posture, DFL, Loose. Methods of Aiming. Focus on target/arrow/bow window. Point of Aim. Gap Shooting. String Walking. Face Walking. Unit Aim. Sights. Point Blank.

WEEK 4 Scoring

Shoot at 15m demonstrating Aiming Methods.Rounds, Competitions, Whistle Commands.   Scoring Zones.

WEEK 5 Archery Types

Shoot at 18/20m. Types of Archery. Target, Field, Marks, Roving, Clout, Flight, Popinjay. Different Bow Types/Styles. Longbow, AFB, Recurve,Compound, Trad, Barebow, Bowhunter, Limited, Unlimited.Organizational structures - NIAS, GNAS, FITA, IFAF, IFAA, BL-BS, TASI, NFAS.  Club Secretary. Structure & benefits of club membership. NIAS President. Basic equipment maintenance.

WEEK 6 'Competition'


Field Archery Target Archery