Lough Cuan Bowmen - Contacts

Club Committee members 2014/2015

Club Chairman

Noel Tennyson

Club Treasurer

Steve Benton

Club Secretary

Michael Ferguson

Equipment Representative

James Lowry

Tournament Organiser

Gary Millar

Club Members Representative

Chris Millar

Safeguarding Officer

Richard Cowan

Junior Members Rep

Robert McCausland

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Clubs in Northern Ireland

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Clubs in the Republic Of Ireland

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Archery Equipment

Governing Bodies

Northern Ireland Archery Society (Local ruling body)
Affiliated to GNAS
Grand National Archery Society (UK ruling body)(Trading as ArcheryGB)
Affilitated to FITA
Irish Amateur Archery Association (Ruling body in Republic)
Affiliated to FITA
Fédération Internationale de Tir à l'Arc  (International ruling body)
Irish Field Archery Federation (Promotes Field Archery)
Affilaited to IFAA
International Field Archery Association (International ruling body)
British Long-Bow Society (Promotes the use of the Long-Bow)
Traditional Archery Society of Ireland  (Promotes historical re-enactment)